Making The World's Best Sofas Work

The Simply Sofas web design project was a complete rebuild of the entire site, with ease of use/navigation being key, and an interface complimenting the aura and style that Simply Sofas as a brand resonates. It was important to give the visitor an experience and a sense of understanding about the products and the sophistication that Simply Sofas portrays. Simplistic design ensures information with the least number of clicks, is what makes Simply Sofas website a winner. Using HTML5 with CSS3 made it possible. With a higher density of new visits, SEO friendly, till date it enjoys quality visitor traffic with low 'bounce' rates. We are confident in stating that this is a site which has achieved its objectives to the full - so mission accomplished!

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Nolte is one of the world's largest makers of German kitchens and bedrooms, it became all the more relevant to showcase the beauty of their products and the range while making the site more inclined towards a rich fulfilling experience for the visitor and ensuring that they quickly learn more about the product, features, specifications and more importantly why Nolte. With categorization key, a strong professional design that allows user to feel instantly comfortable and the usage of fonts and imagery add to the elegance of the website. Clear branding and messaging with ease of finding the products makes it one site that you'll love to experience.

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German Perfection in your Kitchen

Safety without germs

Launching a new brand in a market is no childs play - you need to understand that every action of yours be it online or offline is being watched and particulatly noted. This was a challenge for a new brand taking its first steps - Klenza. It was important for the positioning of the brand to reflect in the site and explain the clear advantage the product has over its rivals. This was achieved with a simplistic design and a single page experience for the user - detailing all the key points and also it superiority over any other. Summarizing everthing and making it all relevant to the consumer at every stage. Its a pure reflection of how it works in the health and sanitary segment. This while achieving both user and business targets.

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brand message through engagement

There are many watch brands but none like Seiko - the only watch maker in the world with every watch making expertise. This while it innovates with every new watch technology. To bring to notice the achievements of the brand and its expertise, create new and interesting information which gets the brand message across - to the right set of audience while make it more 'likeable' was the key. This was achieved by ensuring that their facebook channel was always fresh with new content on how SEIKO showcases time and timekeeping - be it technology, design brilliance or its partners. Using its brand ambassadors to the full - be it the FCBarcelona football team to the more current hearthrob of world tennis Novak Djokovich - an associaton par excellence we made sure the brand message and values where portrayed as meant and with the Kolkata Knight Riders partnership - engagement was at its peak while the 'Predictor' contests was worth the participation for the fans.

Engagement soared to it high during the current IPLT20 and the US Open. The Seiko India facebook page ( has grown in numbers by more than 100% organically. While numbers are just a reflection - its the loyalty of the fans and their need to know more about SEIKO and be a part of it which makes it worth the effort and thereby helping the brand eventually increase their sales offline.

In an industry like 'Construction' - it is very important to manage reputations when there are dime-a-dozen people trying to do the same thing - AND while some falter others grow. A builders reputation is more a reflection of its true values and its delivery to its customers - be it corporate or to individual buyers. Day-in day-out management of their social facebook page ( ensured that every little detail of their activities helped the customer understand more about their commitment to what 'Bren' really is and it stands for - while it creates progess in all walks of life. Be it their project updates to their commitment to society, or even plain simple greeting people on occasions. It's a reflection of their identity and their inclusive form of growth. From their current happening events to simple service requests being answered - Bren truly makes people's life simple and worth living. This while helping them grow and attract more customers and maintain long lasting relationships. We've built them a steady base to grow and keep people for years to come.

Building and managing reputation

Achieving effective communications

'So Fa, So Good' - to make sure people know Simply Sofas - as the name suggests. It's difficult in an unorganized market like that of 'Sofas' to carve a niche and to be able to grow in a fragmented environment. With Simply Sofas, it was important for people to be a part of it and understand that SS as not a typical sofa retailer - but, a highly profesional sofa company with high standards of quality craftsmanship, with a range of latest & best in terms of international furniture. Create a bond with the professionals like architects and interior designers to the end consumers. To do this we evolved strategies which helped put SS on a pedestal where people can easily differentiate and more so develop a liking for the brand and its products.

From Sofas, to Chairs, Dining Tables, Recliners and accessories - we ensured that the campaigns run offline sync with online and to a great extent started providing footfalls to the stores. Be it their pinterest page (, to their blogspot ( - the brand resonates a character and portrays its capabilities really well. The facebook page ( even started getting enquiries and requests for certain sofa models and for customization. Also being the first in its category to highlight the 'Milan Furniture Fair' on its social profile with the latest that was happening around the globe when it comes to furniture - it has become a thought leader in the segment - defining trends and making sure people believe in the pholosophy of 'So Fa, So Good'.

The Real Beauty of Quality

Be it the ad-hoc campaigns with simple objectives, to focussing on higher-level business goals. The campaigns for Simply Sofas are to help build the brand values strongly and to communicate them effectively to the right audience. The one on 'Quality' is to establish the fact that when it comes to a Sofa there's nothing better than a Simply Sofas., when it becomes a standard, everything esle is a given. The Quality campaign tries to establish Sofa+Quality=SimplySofas. From explaining the craftsmanship to the material, the designers, the quality checks, the fine leather used, the lining, the stitch, the feel, the dynamics of ergonomics to the stunning designs - every communication was crafted beautifully with refinement. Whatever the kind of marketing techniques that may be adopted - the overall goal is always kept in mind and this is what we did with Simply Sofas. Be it using the strong key points of the brand to communicating it effectively among the audience was the key. This was achieved by showcasing the brand across its social media channels (facebook, youtube, pinterest, blogspot, google+).

A separate SEO optimized landing page was created to ensure people were directed towards it and were drawn from there to the product pages, thereby closing the loop. The product pages had an option to enquire about the product, a LMS module tracked the people's choice and preference while making sure at the backend the information was processed and leads handled carefully. Choosing the right targeting methods with Google Adwords, to promoting the posts on facebook, we realised the crucial task of getting the right audience to visit our pages with very litte bounce rates. This has worked extremely well for the brand and has ensured continuous funneling.

Creating a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz and consequently turn it into something more tangible. With Seiko the need of the hour was to build awareness, loyalty and advocacy, creating influencers using active social media management techniques that ensure it stays ahead and engages its prospects thereby enabling user feedback. This was well achieved with the 12th Knight contest run during the IPLT20 Season 7, with the Kolkata Knight Riders as their brand partners, we welcomed people to participate in the contest on our microsite and on the facebook page. This drew tremendous engagements and participation while ensuring the brand got noticed and people enquired about the Seiko-KKR branded watches apart from the others. A simple concept asking people to predict the outcomes of the games and for them to become the 12th knight led to heightened engagement. We put control in the hands of the participants enabling them to take charge and be a part of this euphoria. This also led to an increased traffic to their website thereby enabling higher brand recall and more people becoming our fans and advocates.

Making essence of time

Lead generation with quality traffic

Quality over quantity being the buzz word here. To get customers for builder projects that dont just enquire but end up buying, it is crucial that lead generation happened and it happened really quick. To be able to do it in short span of a month and to be able to generate leads constantly was something which the client and we are happy about. In a tough and challenging market, driven with huge CPC/CPM's - to be able to manage good leads within limited budget was the key. We ran Search/Display campaigns with simple messaging and with precise targeting enabling the right audience to take notice and enquire. Ensuring managed placements and bids helped ensure that we achieved this goal - keenly tracking on a daily basis the website walkins and their conversion funnel. visit to know more.

Case Study : Simplysofas

Since 2001, Simply Sofas has been offering customers across South India the epitomes of quality and perfection in furniture - operating in a unique niche within the Furniture category. The one-stop destination for the finest furniture and living space accessories from the world's most acclaimed and renowned German and Italian brands. With an extensive line of branded sofas and furniture it is one of the very few brands which offer a unique combination of style, comfort and an opportune cost for the products it retails. Well known by the tag line - SO FA, SO GOOD - it exemplifies the ordinary by giving the customer a real chance to choose from a wide range of products that cater to lifestyle living - dining and home theatre inclusive, in a market that's filled with furniture thats quite normal.

Apart from the range, Simply Sofas takes pride in ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction and service, something they provide thanks to years of experience and an insightful understanding of furniture, living spaces, and people's needs. Catering to the needs of the individual home, the office and the lounge club - for retail as well as for projects by architects, one can customise furniture based on need. With deep understanding of contemporary furniture trends, allows Simply Sofas to recommend the very latest designs suited to ones needs, and of course, ensures that it never goes out of style.


The Simply Sofas web project was a complete rebuild of the entire site, with ease of use/navigation being key, and an interface complimenting the aura and style that Simply Sofas as a brand resonates. It was important to give the customer an experience and a sense of understanding about the products and the sophistication that Simply Sofas portrays. Simplistic design that ensures information with the least possible clicks is what makes Simply Sofas website a winner. Using HTML5 with CSS3 made it possible. With a higher density of new visits, till date it enjoys quality visitor traffic with low 'bounce' rates. We are confident in stating that this is a site which has achieved its objectives to the full - so mission accomplished!

SEO & Information

Protocol10 has optimised the Simply Sofas site to be extremely search engine friendly in order to generate quality leads. Employing basic organic growth strategies and by ensuring that the fundamentals are not compromised, we've achieved success even with Google employing its search updates. We do not use 'black hat' techniques but simple understanding of the way search works and how on-ground realities can be aligned to online. The site is already enjoying fantastic success and numerous Google page one listings - try 'sofa' in '' for instance!

In a niche category within an unorganized sector, where building equity and brand familiarity through the web and social media is paramount, Simply Sofas has been able to garner just that. This has been achieved by:

  • - Building a base of prospects in year one.
  • - Being the first to cover the Milan fair and break the season's colour trends.
  • - Ensuring the right target audience is reached, while maintaining the positioning.
  • - Integrating offline marketing efforts to online.

Milan Live Coverage on Social

The annual Milan Furniture Fair is the biggest event on the international design industry's calendar. A week when all the designers, buyers and journalists descend on the Fiera Milano trade hall to see new products, discover fresh talent, enjoy a programme of citywide exhibitions and drown in prosecco.

Hundreds of designers showcase thousands of products for every sector of the homeware market – utilitarian, sustainable, ridiculously expensive and even unusable conceptual pieces fill the fair.

Our updates on the Simply Sofas facebook page covered a whole new way of showcasing the Milan fair. It generated a lot of curiosity among the targets - the architect and interior designer community apart from the end consumers. With engagement being of core importance, we got people to sit back, notice and follow the design trends in sync with the world as it happened. Updates went live as we had a professional cover the entire Milan week with timely and relevant updates going on the page on a daily basis - news, interviews, videos, photos - kept the interaction going with the unique set of audience that it commands - while portraying a fresh outlook of Simply Sofas, more so associating it with design and latest trends.

Digital Marketing

With an intent to drive more engagment on the social channel of facebook and introduce people to the importance of design as a key aspect of Simply Sofas, we ran the "DISCOVER DESIGN CONTEST" on the Simply Sofas facebook page and connected it to the website.

The Simply Sofas Discover Design Contest was one where every fortnight, we gave away a beautiful Tonin Casa clock and a Stressless Consul recliner as monthly mega prize. The contest ran for a three month period from Sep to Nov '12. Winners were chosen based on a lucky draw of the entrants who submitted the correct answers through the facebook app by answering three simple questions, the clues lie by getting them to visit our website and know more about Simply Sofas and its products.

Objective to generate more relevant likes to our facebook page, shares, visits to our website and generate awareness about Simply Sofas and its range of products. The winners were announced and they were given away the prizes by inviting them to our showrooms. This contest generated a lot of excitement among our existing fan base and customers, the website traffic also increased by about 23 pecent over the previous period. It was well accepted and a resounding success for the brand. With a lot other campaigns that were run - from the 'Italian Design Sale' to the 'All-In-One offers', most with lead/enquiry generation mechanisms in-built and with google adwords to generate relevant quality leads, it was a succesfull year with numerous enquiries and store walkins during the period.

Case Study : Epson Smartest Young Indian Contest

Epson the technology leader in digital imaging solutions wanted to engage youngsters in India between the age group of 8-16years through a fun quiz contest while they discover Epson's new range of low cost L Series Ink tank printers. For this purpose a microsite was developed with an interactive picture based quiz. Participants were encouraged to complete the 5 question quiz by identifying a few great personalities who changed the world with their inventions - name them and their inventions.

To make it easier and more exciting, 2 clues were given for each personality, one of which was a jumbled picture clue. After completion, they needed to take the printout of the Contest Form, duly complete it and sent through post in the form of a 2-page Printout using an Inkjet or Laser printer. One grand prize winner got a trip to singapore and an AIO printer with the runner ups and the school also winning another L-Series printer.

The design and development of the project was a success with HTML5, PHP and with the implementation of the backend module to capture the database through MySql.

This contest was promoted offline by approaching a few schools in the Tier 1 cities and announcing it on their notice boards. This was also promoted online through google adwords - thereby successfully driving interactivity and participation among the young.

The website was tracked right from the start through google analytics and garnered a total of about 13,741 registrations over the full period of 54days. The unique visitor count stood at 16,756 nos. thereby attaining a conversion rate of about 80%. It also generated 600 enquiries of their own interest (which was enabled through a contact form for knowing more about the printers for home and office). This contest has been in the running for a second successful year now, increasing in scale each time.

Case Study : Seiko KKR Campaign

Round 1 - 2013 - Style Your Knight

SEIKO - the watchmaker with every watchmaking expertise wanted to announce its association as the official watch partner of the IPL T20 team Kolkata Knight Riders. The Seiko - Kolkata Knight Riders partnership marked the brand's first strong association with cricket. Wanting to reach the fans of KKR and to the overall cricket enthusiasts by involving them in a contest on their official facebook page. The idea was to create engagement and better recognition for the brand by asking fans to visit the seiko india website (, browse through the collection of watches and select one for their favourite knight, share it on the FB wall post of SEIKO india ( with a reason why. The best entry stood a chance to win a stylish seiko watch (one ladies and another gents). This campaign which lasted for a duration of 18 days, alone generated 155 likes with 69 comments and 40 shares with a reach of about 5248 fans organically.

During this period the website traffic jumped by about 27% over the previous period with about 84% new visits and with average visit duration of 2mins on the site as against 1.5mins. Pageviews also shot up by about 40%. This generated a lot of interest while strategically serving the purpose of effectively creating better recognition and desire for the brand.

Round 2 - 2014 - Predictor & 12th Knight

With the IPL7 - this season offered new opportunities for SEIKO to engage and reach more of its customers online while creating awareness about their technologies and its product range. We used their FB page to connect with exisitng fans and gave them an opportunity to win various watches and clocks as goodies with a simply yet highly effective 'Predictor' contest. Participants were asked to predict the outcome of the game - wickets, catches, highest runs etc and reply to the post. Parallely on the website we ran '12th Knight' contest with 3 stages - question answer, image based puzzle and a slogan. This generated huge interest and engagement among the fans and was a success with 8730 registrations for the contest new visitor traffic up by 84% on the webpage.